The following is a reflection of my experience in Jesse Miller’s Creative Writing course:

I took Creative Writing with little prior experience in the craft.  I struggled initially.  How was I to write an entire short story?  I stopped trying to write like Raymond Carver or other masters and started writing for myself.  I stopped trying to dream of elaborate plots once I understood the meaning of literary fiction.  Writers write what they know, so I did too.  That’s how I ended up with a short story about a girl mentally lost in Boston.  The territory was familiar to me after just spending a semester in the city.  I enjoyed the transition to poetry and liked how the semester was divided the way it was.  My first poem, Ars Poetica, took me probably 10 minutes to write, and I thought it was really good.  Later poems took me hours to write, and I wanted to hate them.  My perspective of a “good poem” changed, and I took the prompts more seriously.  I’m thankful the workshop sessions were part of the course.  I learned a lot about my own writing through the input of others.

View some of my poems below!

Shoe Poem

Free Poem

Epiphany Poem